• Rehydrate the tobacco leaves at a maximum humidity of 50 to 70%.

Put your tobacco leaves in a plastic tray or airtight bag and spray them with warm water. Stir the tobacco leaves well as you go along. Then place your hygrometer in the centre of your tobacco leaves. Then place a lid on your tray or close your airtight bag. The humidity will then rise. We aim to reach 50-70%. Let it sit for as long as necessary.


  • Remove the central stem of your tobacco leaves.

Once the right humidity has been reached, remove the central stem of each tobacco leaf, as it will not pass through the grinder, and you risk damaging it. Moreover, the central stem does not smoke. Wear gloves, the nicotine goes through the skin. Tip: use our skinning tongs BT-100+


  • Grind your tobacco leaves with a specially designed tobacco leaf grinder.

Run your tobacco leaves through the grinder. If your grinder clogs, your leaves are too wet, let them dry again. The humidity should be between 25% and 50% maximum. You can use a drill/driver or an external motor to turn the grinder BT100+ automatically. Be careful not to exceed 200 rpm on the drill. Damage caused by misuse will not be our responsibility. The shredder is originally operated manually with the crank handle.


  • Make your own mixture.

Once all your tobacco leaves have been crushed, mix them in a new bin. 

For a perfect American blend (Marlboro type), mix the different varieties. However, any blend is possible.

Recommendations according to the original recipe:


     -Allow to dry (20-30% humidity).

Be careful, the mixture should never be too dry or too wet. But it is better to have a drier tobacco (it can easily be re-humidified) than too wet (risk of mould). You can place your tobacco in an airtight jar with a hygrometer in the middle of your freshly ground tobacco, and a stone You can place your tobacco in an airtight jar with a damp one in the middle of your freshly crushed tobacco and a moist one in order to always maintain perfect humidity.


  • Tube your cigarettes!

You can finally tube your cigarettes with your filters and the machine of your choice. We insist, do not tube your cigarettes if your mixture does not respect the right hygrometry conditions. If it is too dry, there is a risk that tobacco crumbs will be tubed in, and if it is too wet, there is a risk that it will be jammed during tubing and the cigarettes will be impossible to smoke.