BT-100+ Tobacco Grinder
BT-100+ Tobacco Grinder
BT-100+ Tobacco Grinder


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BT-100+ Tobacco Grinder

Manual grinder for cutting tobacco leaves, tea and herbs.

This model is suitable for a fine cut.

The wide feet ensure a secure position. Thanks to the holes in the legs, the machine can be fixed to a table or work surface with screws.

The machine and the crank handle are made of high quality steel.

The crank attachment is a standard 6 mm hexagon. It is therefore possible to replace it with an electric screwdriver or other electrical equipment. (Possible but not recommended)


This machine is a cutting tool, so please be careful when using it.

This product is suitable for people aged 18 years and over.



Features of the BT-100+ tobacco grinder


- Engine power:

- Manual

- Cutting width:

- 0.8 mm

- Roll width:

- 100 mm

- Weight

- 1,7 KG

- Height

- 15 cm

- Width

- 8 cm

- Length

- 15 cm

- Removable ramp

- Yes




  • Grind only one tobacco leaf at a time, remembering to remove hard material from your leaves, such as the midrib. You will enjoy your grinder longer.


  • If several sheets are shredded at the same time and/or the moisture content is too high, this leads to clogging and spreading of the rollers, creating excessive force on the crank and gears. This could damage the machine.


  • If there is too much waste in the spaces between the rollers, you must readjust the combs under the machine. To do this, loosen the screws and push the combs as far into the rollers as possible. This will remove the waste stuck to the rollers.


  • Chasers, rollers, ball bearings and gears are wearing parts and can be bought back in our shop.


  • To maintain the machine, simply apply a few drops of oil to the moving parts. It is essential to clean the machine after use. For this purpose, use our cleaning kit for shredders BT-clean.

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions.


Who are we?
BerTabac is a shop specialised in the sale of Premium quality agricultural tobacco leaves, leader in France.
BerTabac is a French family business offering professionals and individuals a wide range of tobacco leaves (Virginia Blond, Virginia Orange, Burley, Kentucky Tobacco and Oriental Tobacco).
We also offer natural flavours to flavour your tobacco. Our flavours are all prepared by us in our premises in France. 🇫🇷
Click here to to find out more about us!
Is buying natural tobacco leaves legal?
Yes, the legislation in France is rather vague, but the purchase of tobacco leaves is legal in France. You can buy your tobacco leaves at BerTabac with complete peace of mind. We take care of the administrative and customs formalities. We currently ship worldwide thanks to our numerous warehouses in Europe. After purchasing your tobacco leaves, you will receive by email a unique administrative document that will serve as a proof to the Customs service.
Click here to to learn more about the regulations in France!
Which countries do you deliver to?
We currently ship our packages of tobacco leaves, grinders, flavourings and accessories all over the world. Please check the legislation in the country of destination to ensure that your package will arrive safely. If shipping is not possible, we will put you in touch with our partner tobacco growers in a country close to yours who can ship your order.
What quantities can you ship?
We ship from 20g. These are samples of our tobacco leaf varieties and blends. We can also ship quantities up to several tons. Please contact us for a quote for bulk purchases.
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Are your tobacco leaves exclusively for business customers?
All of it! We ship to both professional and private customers. We also supply tobacco manufacturers, shisha tobacco manufacturers, tobacco leaf dealers, farmers, food industry professionals, etc.
How long can tobacco leaves be stored?
Dried tobacco leaves are considered a perishable product, but they do not expire. You can keep them for several years if you maintain the right temperature and humidity.
What can tobacco leaves be used for?
Dried tobacco leaves can be used as a decorative item, perfumery, insecticide, aromatic, but also to make your own home-made tobacco. Rolling tobacco, tuber tobacco, pipe tobacco, shisha tobacco and even cigars. This is what tobacco leaves can be used for.
Can my package be checked and blocked/seized?
Yes, we enclose with your parcel, in a laminated pouch, an invoice and a single administrative document that serves as proof to Customs, but it may happen that this pouch is torn off during transport. In the event of a blocked or seized parcel, you can recover it by presenting the documents sent to you by e-mail after your order has been placed. Remember to check your spam/junk mail. If you need these documents, contact us quickly so that we can send them back to you.

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